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Last time I hadn’t fully read what was entailed in this whole 30 Days of Me thing and used up quite a few of my suitable photos with friends. Some of my friends are notably absent from these posts as the only photos I have of us we’re both a touch mong.

Anyway, without further ado, here is a photo of me with some of my high school friends taken last year at Christmas time.

From left: Toby, me, Gerard and Mikey


I’ve been having a little trouble with this one. For one, I’ve done very little of note in the last few days. For two… well it’s pretty much just the first point.

I guess something I’m kinda proud of is that I’ve got up at 6:40 every morning this week without even hitting snooze.

Considering that I’m usually barely alive before 10, I reckon I’m doing pretty well with that!