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So today (which was actually about 2 weeks ago I think!) I’m supposed to bare my soul and reveal who I’d like to be for a day.

At the moment (awaiting the onset of winter), I think I’d like to be Devun Walsh.

This would be me.

He’s a pro snowboarder (awesome), Canadian (awesome), plays amateur hockey (awesome) and has unparalleled style (also awesome). Also, his main sponsor is DC and they’re kinda awesome too.

Here’s a video from a couple of years ago:

Other than that, probably a girl so I could play with my boobs all day.


This is me in paradise (aka Ilha Grande)

I want to go back

I’ve been looking forward to this one a fair bit.  I think it could prove kind of interesting as my music taste is all over the show. Like my wife, I don’t think 10 is enough, so I’m doing 20 (according to iTunes, I have 29.3 days worth of music!). Also, I’m doing it from my iTunes as I don’t really keep that much music on my iPhone and it wouldn’t be very representative of me.

Here goes nothing!

  1. Silent Witness & Break – Kontroller
  2. Need for Mirrors – Sick In The Head
  3. Triad – La Calma
  4. Clipse – We Got It For Cheap
  5. Shapeshifter – New Day Come (The Nextmen remix)
  6. Isotone – Waterdragon
  7. Two Fingers – Moth Rhythm
  8. Silkie – The Horizon
  9. Rage Against the Machine – Clear The Lane
  10. Slum Village – Fall In Love (Remix)
  11. Earl Zinger – Heavy Hitter
  12. Busta Rhymes – Who Tryin To Kill You
  13. Peshay – The Nocturnal
  14. Fat Freddy’s Drop – Flashback
  15. Trei – Justify
  16. Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce
  17. Gang Starr – Royalty (feat K-Ci & Jojo)
  18. Blue Sky Black Death – Plunder
  19. Breakage – Blue Mountain
  20. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Unsurprisingly, a whole heap of Drum & Bass considering that most of iTunes library is also my Serato Scratch Live library. A bit disappointed at the lack of guitar music in there, but I guess most of that is on a backup somewhere.

So I’ve been a bit of a slacker with this, have had a bit of a mad week and didn’t get around to it. Will do my best to catch up ASAP(ish).

So here’s me and my family:

From left: Helen, Dad, Kate, ME, Mum, Anna

More tomorrow.

Oh dear, that title is terrible.

I actually can’t think of anything that doesn’t come across as really pathetic. Also, there’s nothing I actually care about.

I have no idea how I found out about blogging, probably via an article in an ancient NetGuide magazine.

I started this blog so that I’d have a place to post stuff I’d written for other places on the web. I posted 3 articles a year ago. I also moved from Blogger to WordPress because I prefer the back-end (hehehe) interface here.

Wow. So informative.

I  very nearly delayed this post until tomorrow, I’m glad I’m writing it now though.

Considering how much I listen to music, this one has been surprisingly tough. I could’ve written pages. However, brevity is important so I’ve just chosen one for each category.

Happy: I’ve had quite a hard time narrowing this one down to one tune, but I think I’ve got it here.

Spacek – Dollar (Produced by J. Dilla)

Sad: I kinda prefer not to have music cluttering my thoughts when I’m sad. But if I’m looking for something to cheer me up, this always does it.

Evidence – Chase The Clouds Away (Produced by Alchemist)

Mad: I knew what this was going to be straight away.

Pantera – Walk

Hyped: Again, there are heaps of tunes that get me hyped. This one, however, has done it every time I hear/play it.

Total Science & S.P.Y. – Gangster

I think those will do. I’d better post this before I change my mind.

So short term goals, for the remainder of this month (I’m going to roll it out to October 30, just to make sure):

  1. Find a permanent job. This one is kinda important. 9-5 would be awesome, but beggars can’t  be choosers apparently.
  2. Lose weight/get fit. Want to be in much better shape by the time snowboard season rolls around. I’m pretty sure this is the exact opposite of most people who lose weight for summer and the beach.
  3. Buy a stereo! Having to listen to music only in my headphones is getting a bit ridiculous.

I think that’ll do for now. Don’t want to be too ambitious.

This was never in doubt.

I could go on forever, but simply put: she makes me want to be a better person. The love of my life and my very best friend.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’m a day late. I sat down to do this last night and it just didn’t happen. Blame my bad habit from day 4.

I’ve been trying to find something deep and meaningful for this one, but I keep coming back to one superhero:


I can remember when I was 5 or so, on very rare occasions I’d be allowed to eat my dinner in front of the TV because 5pm was both dinner-time and Batman time (cue: dinner dinner dinner dinner jokes).

I don't remember this though!

Since then, I’ve followed the character through dark and awesome (Tim Burton/Michael Keaton’s Batman), OK but not dark enough (Val Kilmer in Batman Forever), stupid and camp (George Clooney as Batman, really??) and back to dark and awesome (Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale’s Batman). I’ve also read a few of the comics, most notably Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

If I’m being honest with myself, and I’m pretty sure that’s the whole point of this thing, then I think Batman stuck around because he had the coolest gadgets.

Although, James Bond had gadgets and always got the girls…